Lost Keys/Keys by VIN/Key Origination

Lost Keys? We Cut Keys by VIN

Key Harbor takes pride in assisting you with lost keys and key replacement. It is a frustrating situation to be stranded without your car keys, and we are here to eliminate that stress.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We confirm that you are the owner of the vehicle
  2. Using the VIN Number a new key is cut for your vehicle
  3. We travel to you and program the key to your vehicle

DONE! We provide your key and you are all set!

What is a VIN Cut Key?

Did you lose the only copy of your vehicle’s key? – a VIN cut key is the only solution.  The reason being is that we cannot copy the original key, the VIN factory key must be made as the replacement. The VIN cut key is the factory cut key that we are licensed to produce for you.

Key is Cut, Now What?

The majority of new keys need to be programmed specifically to your vehicle before it will start. This is done by connecting to the electronic portion of the key in order to verify the the car’s registration to the key and surpass any anti-theft features your vehicle may have.

Will My Vehicle Be Towed?

WE WILL COME TO YOU IN RALEIGH AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS. This is one of the benefits of using Key Harbor, as many companies require your vehicle to be towed to their storefront before duplicating or even looking at your vehicle. Our technicians are experienced professionals that will save you the cost of towing, prevent any towing damage that may occur, and come directly to you.

Ownership Verification

For the safety of the community, the ownership verification is very important to us as licensed locksmiths. We will require a valid Driver’s License and vehicle registration or title. VIN cut keys are only supplied to the verified owner of the vehicle.

Lost Vehicle Key Prevention

We have found the the BEST way to be completely safe and never stuck without a key, is to have a duplicate key made and keep it at your home. This will eliminate any that frustrating situation and definitely save you money in the end. So if you do have only one key, please take the best precaution and have another one made right away.