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Key FOB Repair

Auto Remote and Key Fob Repair

If you have a broken FOB Key, you know how difficult it can be to start your car when all of the pieces of your key have broken apart.  Give us a call at (919) 787-0823 and we’ll give you options that others can’t.  Our decades of experience repairing delicate electronics enable us to troubleshoot and resolve your car key issues.

Some FOB Keys are prone to breaking – we fix all kinds.  Broken keys put unwarranted stress on your hands and your car’s ignition.  We repair broken / damaged FOB Keys for Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Land Rover, and more. Call us for more information.

We even have some alternative design options available to prevent future issues.  We’re happy to fill you in on better designs that will save you time and prevent future hassle. Dial us at (919) 787-0823 or stop by our store with your broken unit and we’ll give you your options and pricing.


Repairing Broken Key Fob