Car Key Duplication & Replacement

Car Key Replacement and Duplication

Car Key Duplication and Replacement

At Key Harbor, we have specialized in car key duplication and remote/FOB sales and programming for 10 years. Conveniently located at Crabtree Valley Mall, 4325 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, we strive to offer our customers an enjoyable experience. Have a great lunch, go shopping, or even get a massage while we make your car keys!

We provide keys and/or remotes for most makes and models as well as programming – full service – convenient one-stop shopping.  Save time and money.  We offer all types of car keys – smart key (with pushbutton start), integrated key with remote head, electronic transponder key and separate remote, or just a metal car key.  We guarantee all of our keys function smoothly and operate properly.  We do keys right!

If you only have one car key, it is so much cheaper and convenient to get a duplicate key while you have a key rather than taking the chance of losing your only key, being stranded, and experiencing the stress and inconvenience and additional cost involved in starting from scratch with No Keys!  The cost is nearly double if you lose your only car key.

Of course, we can come to the rescue if you lose your only key, but we would rather offer you the economical, stress-free route of coming into our store at your convenience and letting us duplicate your keys while you relax.  You will leave our store with peace of mind and the knowledge that we’ve got your back and will always keep you informed and covered when it comes to your keys and remotes.

We keep most car keys and remotes in stock and we only deal in proven high quality products – no aftermarket knock-offs.  You can give us a call or just drop into our store and we can give you immediate service.  We can take care of all your car key needs, in most cases in 30 minutes or less.

Come see us and be prepared for those possible situations instead of saying, “I wish I had gotten another key while I had one!”  We will take care of you.