Car Keys are Expensive Now Days

Today’s car keys are expensive!  We understand that.  When you are looking at auto keys ranging from $10 to $400 per key, it’s really great to have more options.  That’s where we come in.  You’re not always boxed into a corner when it comes to one size fits all.  At Key Harbor we will explain in detail what your situation is, what your different choices are, including cost, and the benefits of each.

Unfortunately, when you go to the dealer with a broken key or remote, your only option is a new key or remote, while we might be able to repair the one you have, give you a cheaper option than a brand new key, or provide a new OEM key or remote for you, usually for less than the dealer price.

Another benefit you receive beside multiple options is we know auto keys.  That’s all we do!  When we do a free analysis on your key or remote, we know exactly what your options are and can recommend the best one for you.  You make the choices.