Read This Before Buying a Key Online

Wait! Before you buy that key online from someone you will never see, check out your options. When you purchase key services online, you are not necessarily saving money, it often takes additional time, you have no guarantee that it will work when it arrives, and many people have trouble with customer service.

The biggest misconception about online buying is that you are saving money. There are many things to consider. You may be paying less, but are you getting a quality product? How long does it take to find someone to program your aftermarket or online purchase? How much is your time worth? Most dealers will not touch a product purchased on line.

Another fact most people don’t consider is “buyer beware.” What if your new key or FOB doesn’t work? Then you’re dealing with someone you don’t know and have never seen and trying to get your money back. Is your online purchase guaranteed? Is it genuine original equipment or a knockoff?

If you do persuade a professional to cut and/or program your key or FOB, are you willing to roll the dice and see if it programs successfully and pay for the attempted programming fee whether it works or not? Any locksmith or shop is going to charge for their labor, whether your product programs to your vehicle or not. If a programming is attempted and the product does not add to your car, you are still going to be charged for that programming labor. A product that you purchased elsewhere, will not be guaranteed by the person you bring it to for programming.

At Key Harbor, we guarantee that if you buy a key, remote, smart key, or anything in between, there will not be a charge if our key does not program to your vehicle, unless there is a problem with the car itself. If there is a problem with the car, we will cheerfully do the programming as soon as your car is repaired.

In our experience, being educated about what you need and where to get it is a great way to save money and get what you expect for your time and money. Come and get all the information you need at Key Harbor before you make your key purchasing decisions or contact us with any questions.

Car Keys are Expensive Now Days

Today’s car keys are expensive!  We understand that.  When you are looking at auto keys ranging from $10 to $400 per key, it’s really great to have more options.  That’s where we come in.  You’re not always boxed into a corner when it comes to one size fits all.  At Key Harbor we will explain in detail what your situation is, what your different choices are, including cost, and the benefits of each.

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